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Steve desperately trying to high five Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


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Cassetteboy - Cameron’s Conference Rap.

Amazing, and a little depressing because it’s all true.

I was just about to post this.

Cassetteboy has got really, REALLY good at this.

Cassetteboy is my favourite superhero.

This wins.

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Anonymous inquired:

imagine if there's also some other-country-version of supernatural just like with Sherlock and Elementary, which is the US version..


Supernatural UK where everything is the same except dean drives a ford fiesta, sam makes cups of tea for everyone, and there is a lot of civilized queuing going on

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miss-emeraldlights replied to your post “i think i had my first ever lucid dream last night!!! i remember…”

Congratulatioooons! When you beat up your first zombie you will feel amazing 8D!

Haha thanks Lu!  It came outta nowhere, it was so cool!  I just hope it keeps happening!! :D :D


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I'm so sorry Dean

Companion to [x]

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sergeantspooky replied to your post “sergeantspooky replied to your post:i have never had anything pumpkin…”

no it was three pumpkin themed courses like pumpkin soup, pumpkin quiche (with pumpkin salad) and some weird indian themed pumpkin dessert…it didn’t taste bad… it just was a lot of pumpkin lmao

oh my gooooddddddd that really is a lot of pumpkin… glad to hear it wasn’t the taste that put you off though.  I wanna try like, I dunno.  Pumpkin pie at least.  


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Mini Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins


Mini Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins

#that'd be a good place to start with the pumpkin experiment #y'know #if i could actually bake

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i once told my friend id never eaten pumpkin so she made me a three course meal consisting solely of pumpkin and after that i vowed to never eat pumpkin again. true story.

omg.  because it tasted bad or just because there was so much pumpkin?

#sergeantspooky #im assuming you dont mean she just sat you down in front of three pumpkins and said 'there's your nmeal' #*meal