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Someone took audio from Achievement Hunter’s heist videos and used it for the bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight


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Jensen doesn’t approve of Misha’s blue sweater.


Jensen doesn’t approve of Misha’s blue sweater.

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kitten grayscale gradient


kitten grayscale gradient

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Jensen said in his Meet and Greet at Dallascon that Misha didn’t pick the daisy duke hotpants and the muscle shirt for Jensen for the mockumentary.
Jensen grabbed the shirt from the wardrobe trailer and he had those pants still in his drawer from a daisy duke day on set a while ago, where all the crew guys wore them.

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wurmstache inquired:

I was at Misha's A12 coffee lounge shortly after the TSA shorts first aired, and someone asked him if he purposely chose a tall Texan guy with daddy issues and a younger brother - he said yes, very firmly :D. He knows what he's doing. It just makes me love him more tbh because he *gets it*.


I fucking knew he did that shit on purpose!

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i can start volunteering at the cat shelter from thursday!!

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the greatest scene in all of modern cinema

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